A Social Network For Discussions

Project Description

Know-it-all network is a web service that serves as a discussion forum for people who think that they know all about certain topics. Users are able to create discussions, comment on discussions, create networks of interest, and browse through various categories of discussion topics.

As a group of designers, we were asked to design the user experience of the service. We designed the paper prototype of the website by using hand-drawn wireframes interface of the website and colored stickies denoting the ready-made textboxes, ready-made photos for upload, drop-down menus and buttons.

Using wizard-of-oz method, we conducted user tests for the interface and the interaction and iterated the design until all the problems are resolved.

Project Details

  • Role

    UX Design
  • Date

  • Client


Design Process

participatory design workshops, wireframing, paper prototype, user testing

Hand-drawn wireframes of the website.

User testing with wizard-of-oz style paper prototype.

Login screen

User interacting with the paper prototype.

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