Marble Game MOD

Virtual Marble Game

Project Description

Based on the idea of physical marble game, Marble Game MOD is a gesture controlled virtual marble game by Tapio Matilainen. Designed in Unity3D, kinect with OpenNI/NITE framework, using also open source codes by Mike Hergaarden, Marble Game MOD enables you to play a marble game with bodily control, various graphical objects, a challenging gamefield with some exciting actions. Development of game was part of Bodily interaction course at Aalto University of Art & Design, Medialab, Helsinki, Finland. 

The installation is exhibited at Design & Architecture Gallery Tallinn as a part of Ludo Ergo Sum Exhibition.

Project Details

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    Supervisor (Technology & Interaction Design)
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From the Exhibition

Marble Game MOD installation during the Ludo Ergo Sum Exhibiton at Design & Architecture Gallery Tallinn, Estonia.

User Testing

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