Jan 10

Short Films


Vrouw Maria Project


Researchers and students at the Department of Media (Media Lab Helsinki) in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, have created an interactive, real-time, virtual reality simulation about the Vrouw Maria shipwreck. The Vrouw Maria was a 18th Century Dutch vessel that sank in Finnish waters on its way to Saint Petersburg bearing a precious cargo destined for the Empress Catherine the Great of Russia.

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Finnish Pavilion Project


Aalto University, Department of Media has produced a virtual reconstruction of the Finnish Pavilion at Paris World Fair in 1900. The reconstruction is a three-dimensional, digital installation presented in virtual reality environment. Wearing circular polarization glasses and using a mouse the visitor is able to access a space created using stereoscopic display. The virtual model of the pavilion can be examined both inside and outside. Spatial sounds are used to make the experience feel real, as if one were moving inside a historical building.

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May 18

Instrument-Inspired Gestural Controllers

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Mar 13

Open the Curtain

Mar 08