Mobility Tracking

Real-time Data Visualization of Visitor Mobility

Project Description

“Mobility Tracking” is a data visualization project showcasing the movement and density in each of the six art works at the Audi Urban Future Award 2012 exhibition. The installation is exhibited in the Hasköy Spinning Factory as a part of Istanbul Design Biennial. Five spaces were exhibiting the competing architects’ visions for mobility in their regions. The sixth space about the Audi Urban Future Initiative itself. Mobility Tracking  tracks movements in each of the cubes to determine the popularity of the installations.

The heat map shows the movement of visitors in a bird's-eye view of each space from left to right:
1. Audi Urban Future Initiative;
2. Superpool/Istanbul;
3. Höweler + Yoon Architecture/Boston-Washington, D.C.;
4. Urban-Think Tank/São Paulo;
5. NODE Architecture & Urbanism/Pearl River Delta;
6. CRIT/Mumbai

For each cube, a set of wide–lens cameras are mounted on the scaffolds to measure the density in each space during exhibition time. The custom software  tracks the moving objects. It also determines the time the visitors spend walking around, and where they predominantly stand within each of the six spaces.  Each of the cameras takes a photo every two seconds and transmits the data over a wireless network to a system that detects the visitors. Then the data is shared through a Web connection with another computer. There it is analyzed and finally visualized.

Project Details

  • Role

    Software Development
  • Dates

  • Client

    Audi Urban Future Initiative & Stylepark


Works in the Exhibition

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