Epooq by Oppi.fi

An Online Voice-activated Service for Recollecting and Sharing Memories

Project Description

Epooq is an online platform for recollecting and storing personal memory and life-story data and sharing them in the form of text, image, video and audio. We were asked to design the service and the interface of such a system that will provide a means of storing memories, stories, and personal history for mature adults over the age of 55 and sharing their stories with their families and friends.  

We conducted a user research in the form of questionnaire and personal interviews. We designed a web service to build connection between generations by enabling users to share memories and stories in video, audio or photo formats with a multi-tiered user interface. The first is a hands-free, voice activated user interface targeting elderly people who are possibly not so fluent in computers as younger generations. The interface is like Siri, before Siri. All user actions are completely handled by the system and  the users are walked through the entire process of content creation, sharing, and receiving of stories.

We presented the design as wireframes and a use case video. 

Project Details

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    UX Design
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Design Process

user research, participatory design workshops, concept development, wireframing, lo-fi interactive prototype, video scenario

User research on the Epooq service concept.

Use case video of the design of the voice-activated interface.

User flow diagram with wireframes of the web interface

Use case video of the design of the voice-activated interface.

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