Virtual Curtain

Gesture Controlled Interactive Fabric Simulation

Project Description

Technological developments are rapidly blurring the boundary between the real and the virtual. One can "touch" to something without having a haptic feeling of it. Virtual Curtain is an interactive fabric simulation where a virtual curtain can be manipulated by human gestures and actions. Visitors can interact with the realistic digital render of a curtain by using their hands in the air as if there is a physical cloth. And the curtain adjusts accordingly with digital physics creating the illusion of a real curtain. Visitors are invited to "touch" something that is invisible but they can observe the effects of their touch in a rendition on screen. Questioning the boundary between the real and the virtual in our age, Virtual Curtain looks for a preview of what would the future of (real or virtual) life be. 

Project Details

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    Concept, Design, Development
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From the Exhibition

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